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NetworkView is a compact network discovery and management tool
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NetworkView is a lightweight yet reliable network discovery, mapping and management tool for Windows. This neat application helps you easily obtain a complete and accurate graphical map of your entire network. The graphical map that this tool draws can also include routes and is very accurate as it is based on the discovery of all networked TCP/IP nodes.

Though neat and compact, NetworkView offers three types of discovery based on address scan: single address, range of addresses, full subnet. It also lets you customize the number of retries and timeouts and it supports many different types of ports, including DNS, SNMP, WMI and/or TCP. Furthermore, the MAC addresses on your LAN can be discovered in a reliable manner, using various methods, including the local ARP table, SNMP, NetBIOS and WMI.

I also like about this nice tool the fact that it allows the users to easily add or edit nodes to the map. Other similar tools create maps that can be only exported, without letting the users edit them first. That’s not the case with NetworkView: the created network diagrams are not inflexible graphical maps that don’t permit any users’ modification. You can add nodes but also routes or devices to them with ease. There’s also a neat and handy label editor that lets you select what elements you want to see in the graphical map.

As you can see, this tool is very powerful, comprehensive and feature-rich despite being rather compact and lightweight. A lot of features and functions are available, including extensive alerting and monitoring capabilities. The interface is pretty simple and self-explanatory, ensuring that the large number of functions and features don’t make NetworkView intricate and hard to use.

Summing it all up, NetworkView is a reliable network discovery and mapping tool that leaves no room for complaint. Its interface might look a bit dull and unpolished, but its functionality is flawless. In my opinion, this handy tool is worth being tried by anyone in need of mapping networks.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes alerting and monitoring possibilities
  • Includes an SNMP MIB browser
  • Supports editing nodes
  • A label editor


  • Dull and lackluster interface
  • A bit pricey
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